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Buyer Inspection

Buying a home may be the most significant financial commitment you encounter; so it’s important to know as much about the property prior to signing that contract.

Through onsite dialog exchange and a clear/easy-to-read report, we inform you, the client, visible defects, safety hazards and areas needing repair (including general home maintenance). The goal is to reduce or eliminate unpleasant surprises after the purchase.

At LEGACY INSPECTIONS, we understand the importance of performing detailed inspections. Our inspections (using TREC [Texas Real Estate Commission] Standards and Practice as a minimum), strive to generate an honest/impartial report of property conditions at the time of inspection. We take the time necessary to examine every aspect of your potential home, from foundation to roof and everything in between.

Feel free to contact us for more information on how we can serve you…

Commonly Found Inspection Issues

Vent Fan

Attic Vent Fan Wiring

Shower Wall

Shower Wall Issue

Roof Deck Leak

Roof Deck Leak

Roof Ridge Cap

Roof Ridge Cap

Dryer Vent

Dryer Vent Clogged

Double Tapped Breaker

Double Tapped Breaker

Crawl Space

Crawl Space Issues

Buried  Duct

Buried Duct

Seller 'Checklist' Inspection

Listing your home is an emotional ride and you desire to make the most of the financial upside. For that reason, we at LEGACY INSPECTIONS offer a "seller inspection" to boost your potential sale. This service includes the onsite, checklist report and photo album to document your results.

An option to identify potential problem areas, which may be resolved (or priced in) prior to showing and/or listing the property. Proactive sales tool to set your property apart from others as it enters the market.

Have the answers before you sign that listing contract or accept an offer from a buyer. Imagine, having a report of findings and the qualified repairs which were made to satisfy the issue. Keep in mind—although not a requirement, your potential buyer may elect to initiate an inspection—what then—possible delays, exhausting negotiations, repairs, or worse yet, a potential deal breaker.

** Consider this option as a real estate investor purchasing "as-is" properties to develop a rehab budget or in between tenants to keep your property safe and marketable.

Review Inspection

An inspection NOT generally offered…but we do…

Verification and validation of a prior inspection report on a property.

Together with you (the client), we will walk through report items of concern and seller repairs to put your mind at ease. Our REVIEW INSPECTION process is conducted on your inspection report whether generated from LEGACY INSPECTIONS, builder, or other TREC licensed inspector.

It is always suggested that you use the original inspector when possible. In the event the ‘authoring’ inspection firm does not offer follow-up/review options; give us a call for an opinion.

New Build Inspection

Building a new home or buying from builder’s inventory?

LEGACY INSPECTIONS offers 3 types for new home purchases:

- PHASE INSPECTION: Third party inspection of desired PHASES (foundation, framing, electrical, plumbing, HVAC, etc.) of your new build life cycle.

- "BLUE TAPE" walkthrough: to highlight potential issues from cosmetic to mechanical issues the home may reveal prior to your builder’s final acceptance. This option offers a more ‘time relaxed’ environment to go over everything in detail and generate a punch list (w/ photos) for you to convey to your builder.

- Your builder’s warranty expiration around the corner? With your intimate knowledge of the home, along with your contract agreement (be sure to know what is covered prior to closing), there may be some issues which the builder needs to address prior to expiration.

Electrical Inspection

** Please note: It is not our intention to critique your local code enforcement officials or builder—merely act as your eyes and ears. All reports are delivered solely to you, the client.